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What do you think of first when you think of Egypt? Pyramids, right? The giant tombstones have made Egypt famous all over the world.

However, there is more to Egypt than the pyramids. Let us take a look at the country.

Egypt can be divided into Lower Egypt and Upper Egypt. The first one is in the north and the second one is in the south. They are named this way because the Nile river flows from the south to the north. After flowing through Egypt, the river meets with the Mediterranean Sea.

Northern Egypt consists of big valleys and desert to the west and east. The valleys are located near the Nile river. Southern Egypt, on the other hand, consists of desert and mountains. These mountains are low and are not so high.

Cairo is the capital of Egypt and it is located in the triangular Nile River delta. It is extremely fertile and is spread over a large area.

Did you know?

All of Egypt would have been a desert if not for the Nile River. Only 2.5 inches of rain water falls in the country every year. However, the river rises every summer because of rains in neighbouring country Ethiopia. Floods take place in the valleys and these leave sediments suitable for crops, plants and trees.

Ancient people of Egypt loved playing board games! The most popular board games were Mehen and Senet. These games date back to as much as 5000 years.

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Top attractions of Egypt

The top attractions of Egypt include the following:
● The Pyramid of Giza
● Luxor’s Temple and Tombs
● Cruises on the river Nile
● The tranquilt town of Aswan
● Abu Simbel temple
● Cairo
● South Sinai Beach

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Clients Documents.

Valid UAE resident Immigration with Ninety days(90) validity.

Main Passport Required (With 6 month validity with at least two clean page).

Original NOC letter declaring salary, designation, becoming a member of date, tour cause for worker addressing Egypt Embassy.Valid Trade License copy, Self-Introduction letter pointing out month-to-month income, passport small print for Partners, Investors & Owners.

Three Recent Photograph with White Background (3.5*4.5 CM).

Latest Three months Online bank E-Statement with bank stamp or original bank statement.

Invitation letter from friends or relative can be Extra advantage.

Invitation letter required for Business Immigration.

Urgent Service available with additional charges.

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