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USA Visa Services

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A U.S. Visitor Visa Services allows you to travel to the U.S. for tourism, business, or medical reasons. The B-1/B-2 Visitor Visa Services is intended for individuals who are visiting the US for business (B-1) or for vacation or for medical treatment (B-2).
If you wish to travel to the United States for reasons other than business or pleasure, you should apply for the appropriate category of Visa Services. If you would like to visit the United States for business purposes, you might want to consider applying for the B1 Visa Services.

The B-2 Visa Services is intended for travel of a recreational nature, including tourism, visiting friends or family, medical care, and activities of a fraternal, social, or service nature.
A student researching prospective schools or colleges may also use the B-2 Visa Services, regardless of whether they expect to return home prior to matriculating (but they must clearly state those intentions so they are not accused of Visa Services fraud should a holder of the Visa Services choose to immediately attend a school, not leaving the United States).

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Did You Know?

Our America facts for kids offer fun, engaging facts about America, the country and its people, its attractions and geographic superlatives, and any USA facts that really you should know. Keep an eye on the Entry Requirements section for recent updates, and keep in touch with your travel agent.

While the tourist infrastructure of Greece is highly developed, Greece is committed to positioning itself as a year-round destination. The increasing numbers of tourists and evolving profiles of modern travelers require new ideas and infrastructure projects. Given the number of visitors coming from the US, European tourist businesses have great potential for engaging American visitors.

More than half of U.S. citizens foreign trips are to neighboring countries, which comprise two major destinations. International visitors to New York generally spend roughly double per visit than the average international traveler in the nation, according to data from Tourism Economics, a global econometric firm that specialises in travel and tourism. The new national tourism and travel strategy supports growth and competitiveness in an industry that, before the COVID-19 pandemic, generated $1.9 trillion in economic output and supported 9.5 million American jobs.

Prepration For Travel to USA.

Usa Activities For Tourists

The list is pretty lengthy, in fact!The National Parks of America are among the biggest attractions to tourists from abroad as well as inside of United States of America. As Americas National Park System is one of the best and developed one in the world, a lot of important and unique natural areas are protected and preserved for the generations to come. This National Park protects the unique cave system and a portion of the Green River valley, making it the natural masterpiece of the state of Kentucky.

Yellowstone National Park is one of the most visited travel destinations in the United States, which should definitely be on your bucket list. As a result, every year, a huge amount of visitors visit the US, coming to check out big cities, national parks, beaches, and historic landmarks. The White House is truly an amazing landmark, one of the best places to visit in America. Many of the best attractions in The United States are the ones on the bucket lists, drawing visitors from all over the world.

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Clients Documents.

Valid UAE resident Visa Services with thirty days(30) validity.

Main Passport Required (With 6 month validity with at least two clean page).

Original NOC letter declaring salary, designation, becoming a member of date, tour cause for worker addressing USA Embassy.Valid Trade License copy, Self-Introduction letter pointing out month-to-month income, passport small print for Partners, Investors & Owners.

Three Recent Photograph with White Background (3.5*4.5 CM).

Latest Six months Online bank E-Statement with bank stamp or original bank statement.

Invitation letter from friends or relative can be Extra advantage.

Invitation letter required for Business Visa Services.

Urgent Service available with additional charges.


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